50 Activities for Team Building
Team Building and Team Training
Team building is data-based intervention, which assesses the strengths and improvement
opportunities of a work team and then prepares and implements plans to increase the
effectiveness of the team. Team building also increases the ability of the team to diagnose
and solve its own problems.
Team building is often used to describe what we would call training in team
effectiveness. Training focuses on increasing the effectiveness of individuals by
providing them with skills and knowledge to improve their job performance. Team
effectiveness training is, therefore, a program that increases the ability of people to
function as a member or leader of a team.
Participants in a workshop on teamwork may come from a variety of teams. In some
instances, entire teams may come to a workshop and can benefit from learning together.
In these cases, the training may approximate actual team building if the team assesses its
effectiveness and uses the learning from the workshop to improve its performance.
Team effectiveness training provides participants with skills and knowledge to
increase their personal effectiveness and ultimately the effectiveness of their teams. The
training will include topics such as problem-solving, decision-making, communications,
goal-setting, meetings management, conflict resolution, research tools, presentation
skills, and team success factors.
In this manual we have included activities that can be used in both team building and
team training. As appropriate, we distinguish between those activities that are better used
in training and those that are more effective in team building.

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