1. To open a team training workshop with an energizing activity.
2. To help participants who are unfamiliar with each other to get
A minimum of 20 people is required. There is no maximum number.
The activity can be done with a smaller group if the number of boxes
on the grid is reduced.
45 minutes
A large room or section of a room that allows the participants to move
around easily.
1. A copy of the Team Grid for each person.
2. Pencils or pens for each person.
1. Explain the purpose of the activity. Distribute a copy of the Team
2. Explain the guidelines. The leader calls out items about people in
the group and the participants write the items in boxes on the
Grid. A few boxes may be designated as Wild Cards. Each box
should have an item in it. See Activity 21, Darts: A Get Acquainted
Activity, for a list of possible items.
3. Participants walk around the room and find people who are or can
do the items in the boxes. When they find someone who fits the
description, they ask the person to sign or initial that box.
Participants try to get as many boxes signed as possible in the
time available. Wild cards may be signed by anyone. However, a
person may only sign one box on your grid, even though several
items may apply to them. Time limit: 20 minutes.
50 Activities for Team Building
Yea Team!
4. The group reassembles. The leader explains that the goal is to
spell TEAM. The first person to spell TEAM is the winner. The
leader says, “Put ‘T’ in box # ___. You may put a T in that box
only if you have a signature in the box.” The leader continues
calling out “E” in box # ___, “A” in box # ___, “M” in box # ___ until
someone in the group can spell TEAM on their Grid. The person
yells out “Yea Team!” and is declared the winner. You may
continue to play until there are three winners.
5. We suggest small prizes for the winners, such as T-shirts,
sweatshirts, or hats.
1. Tailor the items for the boxes to the people in the group.
2. If the group is small, ask people to introduce themselves
incorporating the items from the grid, after the activity.
3. Create small teams using items from the Grid. For example, all
people who like to ski move to a corner of the room to discuss
their interests. Then move on to related team issues.
50 Activities for Team Building
Team Grid
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6 7 8 9 10
11 12 13 14 15
16 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25

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