Bringing Up
the Boss
1. To allow an intact work team to quickly become familiar with a
new team leader.
2. To allow a new team leader to lay a foundation for team
3. To demonstrate the importance of open communication.
An intact team of up to 15 members.
90 minutes
A large room large enough for the group to work comfortably with
chairs in a circle or with a table and chairs arranged in a seminar style.
Easel, flipchart pad, markers, and tape or push pins.
1. The new team leader begins by telling the work team that he or
she would like to get to know the members quickly and open
communication lines. The team leader explains the agenda,
introduces the facilitator, and leaves the meeting.
2. The facilitator gives a brief talk about the assimilation curve of
new team leaders and the need for open communication.
3. Each participant is asked to pose a question he or she would like
answered by the new leader. For example:
What are your measures of success?
How do you like to work?
What will get us in trouble with you?
The facilitator posts their questions and continues until everyone
has had a chance to get their questions on the list.
4. The facilitator reviews and clarifies the list of questions.
5. The new team leader returns to the meeting and, guided by the
facilitator, the new leader answers each question.
6. When the list is complete, the leader can ask the questions of the
50 Activities for Team Building
Bringing Up the Boss
7. The team leader then agrees to hold ongoing sessions to keep
communication lines open. Frequency, duration, and location of
meetings are decided.
8. The facilitator summarizes the meeting.
1. The team leader acts as facilitator.
2. Members can be asked to prepare their questions in advance of
the meeting.
3. Additional questions can be asked by members after the team
leader finishes in step 6.
4. For a related activity, see Activity 26, Transition Team Building.

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