The Ball
1. To reinforce the concept of continuous improvement.
2. To reinforce problem-solving techniques.
3. To close a team building or training session on a positive note.
Works best with a team or training group of 5 to 15 people.
30 minutes
A room or section of a large room with no tables and chairs. This
activity can also be done outside.
A small, soft ball that is easy to throw and catch.
1. Explain that the team is going to learn together by playing a ball
2. The team stands and forms a circle with nothing in the center. The
leader throws the ball to one person and instructs the person to
give the ball to another person and call his or her name. The
game continues until each person has been given the ball. All
members of the team are told to remember the name of the
person to whom they gave the ball. After the team finishes, the
leader asks, “Can you do it better and faster?” The team usually
moves the circle in closer and runs through it again. When they
finish, the leader asks, “Can you do it better and faster?” The
team usually moves in closer and runs through it again. The
process continues until the team is satisfied that they have done
their best. By this time, they are usually standing next to each
other in a tight circle.
3. The leader concludes the session by summarizing learning on
problem-solving and continuous quality improvement.

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