A Breath of
Fresh Air
1. To air issues and problems between two work teams.
2. To improve inter-team relations.
Two teams of 10 or more.
3 hours
A large room for the general session and one break-out room.
Easel, flipcharts, markers, and tape or push pins.
1. The facilitator gives a briefing on the process of the meeting and a
talk on the need for quality inter-team relationships (10–15
2. The facilitator tells the teams to meet separately and record
answers to the following questions:
How would the other team characterize our team?
How would we characterize them?
3. The teams complete the task.
4. The teams reassemble and present their lists. The facilitator gives
a short briefing on reacting to the lists and tells the group that the
only reaction that’s okay is questioning for clarification (10
5. The teams begin by having a reporter read the answers to each
question (20 minutes).
6. The process is repeated for the second group (20 minutes).
7. The answer sheets are exchanged and the teams are directed to
return to their separate work areas and formulate responses to
both lists (30 minutes).
8. The teams reassemble and present their responses (30 minutes).
50 Activities for Team Building
Resolving Intergroup Conflict
9. The teams discuss responses and break up into sub-teams to
refine responses and gather more data about the issues.
10. The teams reassemble and using the new data answer the
following question:
How can we develop a solid working relationship with the
other team? (30 minutes)
11. The large group reassembles and each team presents its work
(15 minutes).
12. The facilitator wraps up by leading a discussion on the benefit of
a good working relationship between teams. The facilitator then
gives a lecturette on follow up and assessing the success of the
13. The facilitator leads a discussion on the process of the meeting.
1. The initial questions can be changed from image questions to
task questions, such as:
What do we need from the other team to achieve our goals?
What do we owe the other team so they can achieve their
2. See Activity 8, Resolving Intergroup Conflict, for a related

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