Self-Renewal: An Activity
for a Mature Team
1. To help a mature team engage in self-examination.
2. To provide a mature team with a process for renewal.
A team building activity that works best with an intact team of 4 to 8
3 hours
A small room with chairs arranged in a circle or around a small
conference table.
Easel, flipcharts, markers, and tape or push pins.
1. Prior to the session each person should prepare answers to two
questions about the team:
Things we should preserve.
Things we should change.
2. The responses should be posted on flipcharts.
3. At the beginning of the session, team members walk around the
room and read the charts.
4. The team identifies the key things they should preserve and
discusses ways to enhance these strengths in the future. They
develop action items as appropriate.
5. The team identifies the most important things they need to change
and discusses ways to implement these changes. They develop
action items as appropriate.
6. The session closes with a summary of the results and next steps.
The team discusses their feelings about the renewal process.
1. Eliminate the pre-work. Begin the session with brainstorming the
answers to the two questions.
2. If many things are identified as important, create sub-teams to
work on each area.

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