for Sale
1. To critically review the skills, capabilities, and potential of a team.
2. To develop a strategy for marketing the services of a team.
3. To explore a team’s strengths and weaknesses.
This is a team building activity designed for use with an intact work
team of up to 12 people.
3 hours
Chairs arranged in a circle or tables and chairs arranged in
conference style.
1. Easel, flipcharts, markers, tape or push pins.
2. Paper and pens for each team member.
1. The team leader tells the group that they are to imagine that they
are an internal consulting group (consulting in the general area of
their unit’s expertise) in a large industrial organization. Further,
they are told that because the economy isn’t doing well, changes
in the business will have to be made. In fact, the team leader’s
boss has made it clear that the group will have to become a profit
center by marketing its services to the outside world and earn
more than half its budget. The alternative is to shut down the
department and lay off the staff. The team is given six months to
launch the new unit.
2. The team leader then leads the group through an identification of
their skills and capabilities and determination as to which skills
might be marketable.
3. The team identifies its shortcomings and any additional skills that
will be needed.
4. The team determines how the current skills can be enhanced and
additional skills can be acquired.
5. The team leader then reviews what has been learned during the
activity and lists action steps to be taken.
50 Activities for Team Building
Skills for Sale
6. At the end of the session, the team leader and the members
process the activity and build an action plan to implement the
steps needed to enhance the team’s overall skill base.
1. The skill assessment activity can be done in advance.
2. The team can obtain input from their current customers based on
their skills and capabilities. The input can also include ideas on
what additional skills and capabilities the customers would like to
see the team develop.

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