Transition Team
1. To smooth the transition of leadership in a team.
2. To quickly integrate a new team leader.
Works best with a team of 4 to 8 people but can be used with up to 12
people. This activity is only used with intact teams.
2 hours in addition to time for data collection interviews
Round or rectangular tables with chairs. The room should have
sufficient wall space to post flipchart paper.
Easel, flipchart, markers, and tape or push pins.
1. Prior to the session, interview each team member using these
What questions and concerns do you have about the new
team leader?
What concerns do you have about the current leader leaving?
Tell team members they will be expected to present a brief
description of their particular job and current projects at the
transition team meeting.
2. Prior to the session, meet with the current leader and brief him or
her on the purpose and format. Ask him or her to prepare a brief
summary of the current priorities and future plans of the team.
3. Prior to the session, meet with the new leader and brief him or her
on the session. Indicate that he or she will be asked to present a
summary of his or her background and a description of leadership
4. The agenda for the meeting is:
a) Presentations by team members. The new leader may ask
questions for clarification.
b) Presentation by current team leader.
c) Presentation by new team leader.
50 Activities for Team Building
Transition Team Building
d) Data feedback on concerns/questions from interviews (posted
on flipcharts).
e) Responses by the new and current team leader.
5. The session concludes with a summary by the facilitator and
review of next steps and action items generated by the
1. If the current leader has left and is not available, the session may
be held just with the new leader using the same process.
2. If interviews cannot be held prior to the session, ask the new team
leader to leave the room for 15 minutes, or arrive 15 minutes after
the meeting begins. Then ask the team to develop a list of
questions and concerns. Record on a flipchart and go through
them when the leader returns.
3. See Activity 3, Bringing Up the Boss, for a similar activity.

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