Linking Team Problem
Solving with Corporate
1. To learn a structured team problem-solving process.
2. To align team problem-solving with current business strategy.
3. To solve an actual business problem.
An intact team of 6 to 8 people or several teams of 6 to 8 who are
attending a team training workshop.
1 day in addition to time for pre-work and post-meeting follow-up.
For team building, a small room with a round or rectangular table and
chairs. For team training, a large room with several sets of tables and
chairs spread out around the room.
1. Easel, flipchart, markers, tape or push pins
2. Overhead projector, screen, blank transparencies and projector
3. A copy of your corporate strategy statement and the Project
Outline for each person
1. Prior to the session, give each person a copy of your corporate
strategy statement and ask them to think of problems that are
barriers to the achievement of one or more of the strategies.
2. Explain the purpose of the session. Review the strategies or ask a
top manager to attend and conduct the review. Ask the partici-
pants if they have questions or need a clarification of any of the
3. Review the Project Outline. Explain that at ___ o’clock (two hours
prior to the end of the session) they will have to present their
project plan to a panel of top managers. The managers will listen,
ask questions and offer suggestions. The problem selected by the
team must be related to one of the strategies and the problem
solution must move the organization toward the achievement of
the strategy. The time table for completion of the project must not
exceed 90 days.
50 Activities for Team Building
Linking Team Problem Solving with Corporate Strategy
4. The team(s) spends the remainder of the time preparing their
Project Outline and presentation.
5. A panel of top managers has been contacted and briefed in
advance of the session. They arrive at the appointed time and
listen to the presentations. They provide feedback as appropriate.
6. The panel departs and the facilitator leads a debriefing session
with the team(s).
7. During the next 90 days the team(s) work on completing their
8. At the appropriate time the teams report to a group of top
managers or just to the panel that participated in the workshop.
1. A top manager from the panel may be appointed to serve as an
advisor to the team.
2. The top management team may create a list of problems from
which the teams can choose.
3. In a team training workshop you may want to begin with an ice-
breaker activity such as Activity 32, The Team of Your Life or
Activity 27, Forming New Teams.
50 Activities for Team Building
Project Outline
1. Problem Statement:
2. Benefits:
3. Related Corporate Strategy:
4. Action Steps:
5. Resources Needed:
6. Obstacles:
7. Timetable:
8. Final Product:

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