1. To explore the dynamics of problem-solving and decision-making.
2. To become aware of team planning and role clarification.
3. To become aware of cross-functional interdependencies.
Designed for a team training workshop with the participants divided
into teams of 5 people each. The total number of participants is limited
only by the space available and the ability of the facilitator to handle
large groups.
1 to 2 hours
A room large enough for the groups to work comfortably; round or
rectangular tables with chairs.
1. Easel, flipcharts, markers, and tape or push pins for each team.
2. Copies of Background Sheet for each member.
3. Individual Role Sheets.
1. The facilitator gives a short talk on the need for collaboration and
open communications to ensure overall team effectiveness.
Further, the facilitator briefs the group on the concept of team
formation and the need to clarify roles and establish team norms.
2. The facilitator forms groups of five and explains the activity,
indicating that team members should not share their role sheet
information sets with one another until after the activity has been
3. The facilitator begins the activity and then monitors each team’s
progress and process.
4. After 60 minutes, the facilitator concludes the activity, asking each
group to describe their work, and leads a discussion on role
conflict, team problem-solving, and team decision-making.
50 Activities for Team Building
Project Rescue
1. Change the Role Sheets to include typical roles on your teams.
2. Revise the case description to reflect current issues in your
3. Related activities are Activity 25, The Product Development
Team, and Activity 23, The Victory Tour.
50 Activities for Team Building
Background Sheet
You are an employee of DGI, Inc., a company that has been in business for nearly 50
years and manufactures sandpaper (as well as other products). DGI is located in the
city of Lyttleville. Because of the nature of the product, serious questions have been
raised about the company’s ability to compete in a global economy. The President of
the company has asked a group of people to come together to develop a strategy to
ensure the company’s long-term success.
You have been asked to join this group. The group’s first meeting is today.
50 Activities for Team Building
Role Sheet
The Sales Rep
You have been appointed to serve on the task force representing the sales and
marketing function. Your goal is to take control of the team using a power mode to
influence what you believe the current market demands to be.
The Product Development Rep
You have been appointed to serve on the task team representing R & D. Your goal
is to keep the company in the same product line because you believe it to be
The Manufacturing Rep
You have been appointed to serve on the task force representing the manufacturing
unit. Your goal is to maintain the status quo from a product standpoint but believe
that expansion of the manufacturing operation to Europe is the best way to go
The Finance Rep
You have been appointed to serve as the finance rep. Your goal is to reduce
inventory levels and will fight any effort to redirect the company if you believe the
move to be prohibitive.
The HR Rep
You have been asked to join the team to ensure that human aspects of the future
are considered.

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