50 Activities for Team Building
Situation Worksheet
There is a movement in the company to open a new production facility in a city located
50 miles from the company headquarters. A number of issues have been raised by
various groups—employees, townspeople, stockholders, and public officials. Some of
these issues are:
1. Who will staff the new plant?
2. What will happen to the production plant at the company headquarters?
3. How will the traffic be managed? There seems to be limited access to this new
Your team has been asked to develop and present ideas on how to identify and solve
the problems related to this new production facility.
50 Activities for Team Building
Observers’ Worksheet
1. How would you describe the leader’s behavior during the meeting?
2. What impact did the leader’s behavior have on the group?
3. How far did the team get in reaching its objective?
4. How could the team have been more successful?

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