That’s Me: A Get
Acquainted Activity
1. To help team members interact by sharing values.
2. To help participants get acquainted quickly.
3. To introduce the characteristics of team players.
Unlimited. The activity can be used in a team building session with an
intact team and in a team training workshop.
30 to 45 minutes
A large room with blank walls suitable for posting flip chart paper; a
chair for each person.
1. Team Player Characteristics
2. Easel, flipchart and markers
1. Prior to the session, the facilitator prepares flipchart sheets with
team player descriptions printed with large, clear letters. The
sheets are posted on the wall at various points around the room.
Chairs are positioned in a circle under each piece of paper. See
Team Player Characteristics for ideas for the descriptions.
2. Explain the purpose of the activity. Ask participants to move to the
chart that presents a characteristic that best describes them.
3. When groups are formed under the charts, ask people to discuss
why they selected the characteristics and what types of things
they do on their team that reflects the characteristic.
4. Ask people to move to another chart that also describes them.
Ask them to share the same types of things as in step 3.
5. If time permits, ask the people to move again and have the same
6. Bring the total group together. Lead a summary discussion on
learning from the activity.
50 Activities for Team Building
That’s Me: A Get Acquainted Activity
1. Change the characteristics to reflect issues in the group or the
goals of the workshop.
2. After the people have discussed the characteristic, they can
introduce themselves to each other.
3. After the people have discussed the characteristic, they can be
given a problem to solve.
4. Other get acquainted activities are Activity 21, Darts; Activity 2,
Yea Team!; and Activity 27, Forming New Teams.
5. After step 6, give participants the Team Roles Analysis
Assessment (HRD Press) to complete.
50 Activities for Team Building
Team Player Characteristics
Dependable Informal
Organized Supportive
Logical Encouraging
Flexible Candid
Forward-looking Ethical
Visionary Adventurous

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