I’m Gonna Sit Right Down
and Write Myself a Letter
1. To summarize the key learnings from a team building or team
training session.
2. To close a team building or training session on a positive note.
3. To provide the basis for on-the-job follow-up of a team building or
training session.
30 minutes
For a team building session, chairs set up around a conference table.
For a team training workshop, chairs and tables arranged in a
U-shape or groupings of rectangular tables and chairs spread around
the room.
Pens, stationery, and envelopes for each person. Postage stamps will
be required at a later date.
1. Explain the purpose of the activity. You may wish to sing the title
song of the activity.
2. Distribute materials.
3. Ask each person to write him-/herself a letter that summarizes key
learnings from the session. Explain that the letter will be sent to
them in two weeks. Therefore, they should include things in the
letter they want to be reminded of (e.g., personal action plan, new
skills/knowledge, team goals). The letter should be placed in the
envelope and sealed. The envelope should be self-addressed.
4. The facilitator should collect all the envelopes.
5. Two weeks later, the envelopes should be mailed.
1. Change the two-week time period to a period that is appropriate
for the session.
2. The content of the letter can be specific to the purpose of the

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