useful in teambuilding sessions for intact teams that will be working together on either a short
project or on a long-term basis.
Part VI—Expatriation and Acculturation
The final activities section addresses acculturation and the process of expatriation—important
areas because international assignments increase in number and variety, and mobility inside
global organizations has become standard operational procedure. The activities in this section
enable participants to acquire and process new cultural information on assignments in unfamiliar
cultural contexts. They will help them learn how to apply their global experiences to the needs of
the business and increase their awareness of the importance of “positioning” their experience in a
culturally appropriate manner.
People with such international experience are valuable to their organizations. Application of the
awareness, knowledge, and skills gained through crosscultural experience is too frequently
overlooked by organizations, and professionals with global expertise are often underutilized.
Part VII—Editors and Contributors
We see this book as a live interaction among editors, contributors, and end users. For this reason,
we have listed the contributors to the book in Part VII with full contact information in case you
need to contact them about the materials, questions, or new ideas, or if you would like to invite
them to work with you on some project or other.
How to Use This Book
To make this book more user-friendly, we have put the instructions for each activity in a similar
The Name of the activity
The Author of the activity
The Purpose and Learning Objectives of the activity
The Target Audience for the activity
The Time required for carrying out the activity
The Materials required, including comments about the training environment as needed
A step-by-step Procedure for conducting the activity, sometimes with optional or alterna-
tive approaches and other useful trainer notes
Suggestions for how to Debrief the activity
Handouts and other supporting documentation for the trainer’s own use or for reproduc-
tion and distribution to the participants as required
Further Resources such as videos, books, and other materials that might enhance the
trainer’s background knowledge or assist the participants in following up on what they
have learned

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