Activity Locator
To assist you in selecting and familiarizing yourself with the activities, we have added to the
very end of the book an Activity Locator that provides the name of each activity, a one-line
statement of its learning objectives, the size and kind of audience for which it is intended, and
the time required to use it. Searching is made easier with keywords and a listing of specific cul-
tures that the activity deals with. There are, as all trainers know, many variables to design adap-
tation and timing, but it makes sense to have an overview to assist you in selecting an appropriate
Copyright and Reproduction
As stipulated on the inside front page, all the handout materials that appear in this book may be
reproduced for educational and training activities. There is no requirement to obtain special per-
mission for such uses. However, we do request that use of these materials be limited to one-site
per copy of 50 Activities for Achieving Cultural Competence. In order to use materials at another
location, you must obtain another copy of the product. This applies to all materials, “as is” or
modified. Finally, we hope you will acknowledge the contributors of these materials when you
use them.
Culture is a moving target, and those of us involved in training and education of people continu-
ally build on each other’s learnings and discoveries. Few of us design totally original approaches
to problems: we compare and combine or adapt tools we have learned from others. As editors,
we have done our best to bring you original work or at least work to which the authors have
added significant value and style.
When we began assembling this collection, we realized how hard the contributors had worked to
design, modify, and present approaches to difficult intercultural tasks and skills. We are deeply
grateful for their generosity and professionalism in bringing this collection to press.
As we neared the end of the editing process, it became clear to us that the book was a beginning:
a beginning of sharing, rather than an ending of ideas. We hope that this first offering acts as a
stimulus for further compilations of such material. We wish you every success in your use of
these activities.
Jonamay Lambert
Selma Myers
George Simons

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