Dealing with Differences
Four-Phase Cycle for Accomplishing Tasks
Perceiving similarities and differences
Establishing which differences divide and which commonalities unite
Creating self-awareness: different from what?
Appropriate balancing of the tension between sameness and difference
Confirming individual commonalities and differences
Substantiating that difference is desirable
Legitimizing difference in the eyes of the group
Welcoming conflict and paying attention
(Valid refers to qualities that give inner strength and capacity to resist challenge
or attack. Valid is justifiable, based on truth or fact.)
Attempting to understand the other person’s perspective
Stepping into another’s shoes
Mirroring, exploring, and discovering together
Probing for deeper comprehension, using various approaches
Seeing an issue from several vantage points
Defining how team members can contribute to goal accomplishment
Agreeing on ways to use member expertise
Facilitating the generation of creative solutions
Creating a “team” culture
Focusing on efficiency and effectiveness

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