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60 Second Solutions: Selling

Book Description

This is an innovative new business series that presents 60 succinct techniques to improve core business skills, each technique to be read and digested in 60 seconds. 'Persuasion' provides 60 practical and effective techniques that can be immediately applied to enhance the art of persuasion both in the workplace and outside. This title covers all vital persuasion techniques including people skills and presentation skills, creating winning proposals and sourcing and developing new relationships. 60 fast solutions packaged in small, handy format will enable advice-hungry businessmen and women to dip in and out of this book when ever they have a spare minute!

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title Page
  3. Contents
  4. Introduction
  5. PART ONE: The principles of selling
    1. Solution 1: What is selling?
    2. Solution 2: Embrace your inner salesperson
    3. Solution 3: Know what makes a good salesperson
    4. Solution 4: The golden rule of sales
    5. Solution 5: Understand the decision-making process
    6. Solution 6: The art of persuasion
    7. Solution 7: Help the buyer to make good choices
    8. Solution 8: The power of the soft sell
    9. Solution 9: Selling – the noble profession
    10. Solution 10: Above all things, enjoy what you do
    11. Summary: Part One The Principles of Selling
  6. PART TWO: It’s all in the preparation
    1. Solution 11: Know your competition
    2. Solution 12: Reconnect with yesterday’s customers
    3. Solution 13: Find tomorrow’s customers
    4. Solution 14: Connect with customers online
    5. Solution 15: Find out what your buyer wants
    6. Solution 16: Be sure of your facts
    7. Solution 17: Don’t neglect the paperwork
    8. Solution 18: Know your career goals
    9. Solution 19: Make a plan to succeed
    10. Solution 20: Prioritize your time
    11. Summary: Part Two It’s All in the Preparation
  7. PART THREE: Getting a foot in the door
    1. Solution 21: Following up on sales leads
    2. Solution 22: Buying sales leads
    3. Solution 23: Turning suspects into prospects
    4. Solution 24: Know what you want to achieve
    5. Solution 25: Make an opportunity to sell
    6. Solution 26: Getting past the gatekeeper
    7. Solution 27: Introducing who you are
    8. Solution 28: When to make contact
    9. Solution 29: Be persistent, but don’t be a pest
    10. Solution 30: Learn from your failures
    11. Summary: Part Three Getting a Foot in the Door
  8. PART FOUR: The successful sale step by step
    1. Solution 31: Pre-call planning
    2. Solution 32: Making the most of your sales kit
    3. Solution 33: Get your marketing tools ready
    4. Solution 34: Open the meeting with confidence
    5. Solution 35: Aim to solve the buyer’s problems
    6. Solution 36: Let your buyer help you towards a solution
    7. Solution 37: Step into your buyer’s shoes
    8. Solution 38: Resolving conflict
    9. Solution 39: Closing the sale
    10. Solution 40: The golden rules of telesales
    11. Summary: Part Four The Successful Sale Step by Step
  9. PART FIVE: The art of presentation
    1. Solution 41: Fail to plan, plan to fail
    2. Solution 42: Structuring a winning presentation
    3. Solution 43: Perfecting your presentation style
    4. Solution 44: It’s the way that you say it
    5. Solution 45: Making yourself clear
    6. Solution 46: Winning them over
    7. Solution 47: Sell on value, not on price
    8. Solution 48: Sell features and benefits
    9. Solution 49: Always be a friendly seller
    10. Solution 50: Using the Internet to sell
    11. Summary: Part Five The Art of Presentation
  10. PART SIX: Follow up and follow through
    1. Solution 51: The follow up call
    2. Solution 52: Keep in touch with your customers
    3. Solution 53: Selling to multiple buyers
    4. Solution 54: Writing winning sales proposals
    5. Solution 55: Taking to the road
    6. Solution 56: Work smarter not harder
    7. Solution 57: Protect your reputation
    8. Solution 58: Revisit your goals
    9. Solution 59: Getting the job you want
    10. Solution 60: Getting on in sales
    11. Summary: Part Six Follow Up and Follow Through
  11. Copyright