survey dates, 304
switched antenna architecture
overview, 124
phased array antenna extends range, 126–128
phased array antenna technology, 125–126
technology requirements
AP location, 102
bandwidth, 101–102
client devices, 103
other systems, 104
overview, 101
physical areas, 102
regulatory issues, 104
RF signal, 104
user density, 101
vendors, 103
VoIP connections, 102
theoretical site survey tools
LAN Fielder tool, 246
Optimatic tool, 246
overview, 245–246
Predictor tool, 245
theoretical site surveys, 220–221
Transmit Power Control (TPC), 64
transmitter power, 258
transmitter power levels
EIRP, 68
ETSI Regulatory power levels
2.4-GHz power levels, 72
5-GHz power levels, 73
overview, 72
Japan domain power levels
2.4 GHz, 73
5 GHz, 74
overview, 73
North American Regulatory power levels
2.4-GHz power levels, 68
5-GHz power levels, 71–72
overview, 68
two-way radios, 170
ultra wideband, 13
unintentional radiators, 56
Unlicensed National Informatin Infrastructure
(UNII) bands, 62
user areas and density, 184–185
user areas on diagram, identifying, 251
user input, 154
user-density test, 274
verification, 279
VLANs, 203, 205
outdoor bridge deployments, 316
overview, 105
Vocera Communications Badge, 92
voice over IP (VoIP) phones, 86, 317
voice site surveys, 278–279
walkabout test, 258
wall mounting of APs, 294
wants, needs, and capabilities, balancing, 154–155
warehouse facility, 266–267
warehousing environment, 88–89
capabilities label, 14
certifications, 14
overview, 14
wired network requirements
cabling requirments
802.3af, 211
survey dates
cabling requirments (Continued)
overview, 208
PoE, 208–210, 212, 214
overview, 191
deployment schemes, 206
downstream QoS, 207
network performance and, 207–208
overview, 206
upstream QoS, 207
802.11f IAPP, 194–195
clients, 195–196
device roaming, developing policy for,
Layer 2 roaming, 196–197
Layer 3 roaming, 197
Layer 3 wireless switching, 202–203
Mobile IP, 198–201
mobile node roaming, 198
nomadic node roaming, 198
overview, 192–193
VLANs, 203, 205
wireless 802.11 phones, 232
wireless fidelity network, 3
wireless LAN. See WLAN
Wireless LAN Interoperability Forum (WLIF), 5
Wireless LAN Solution Engine (WLSE), 310
wireless sniffer traces, 305
wireless standards
Bluetooth, 12
compared, 11–12
evolution of, 4
802.11, 6–11
proprietary WLANs, 4–5
standards-based WLANs, 5–6
HiperLAN, 13
Home RF, 13
ultra wideband, 13
802.11, 6
802.11a, 10
802.11b, 11
802.11g, 11
direct-sequence channels, 8
direct-sequence spread spectrum, 7
frequency hopping, 8–9
working groups, 9–10
access points, 16
accessories, 21–22
bridges, 18, 20
client devices, 17
access points, 16
accessories, 21–22
bridges, 18, 20
client devices, 17
overview, 15–16
WLAN equipment
access points, 158–160
antennas, 163–164
attenuators, 166
battery packs, 170–171
cables, 165–166
client devices, 160–161
connectors, 162
digital cameras, 172
mounting hardware, 172–173
outdoor tools, 170
overview, 157–158
physical measuring devices, 167
RF analyzers, 168
WLAN equipment
WLAN equipment (Continued)
portable analyzer tools, 169–170
spectrum analyzers, 169
two-way radios, 170
WLAN equipment requirements
AP manufacturer, 148
AP model number, 148
coverage areas, 149
end-user devices, 148
minimum data rates, 148
packet size, 149
rate shifting, 149
redundancy, 149
special needs, 149
total number of users, 149
work documentation
antenna locations, 307
AP locations, 306
coverage issues, 308
overview, 305–306, 308–309
working groups, 9–10
world mode (802.11d) 74
Yagi antenna, 41
WLAN equipment (Continued)
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