278 Chapter 11: Performing a WLAN Site Survey
and channel scheme. When the “down” AP comes back on line, the reconfiguration takes
place again.
Although this automatic reconfiguration feature might sound great for a failed AP, if the AP
is intermittent, or the interference that is causing the problem is intermittent, the systems
will go through constant reconfiguration, disrupting normal usage. To prevent the constant
changes to configurations, take care to ensure reconfiguration parameters filter out these
fluctuations and temporary situations.
Site Surveying for Repeater Usage
Repeaters are supported by many of the WLAN products available today. However, the use
of repeaters is recommended in only two scenarios:
Locations where there is no possible way to wire the device
If the installation will be temporary
The reason for this limited recommended use of repeaters is that a 50-percent reduction of
bandwidth is typically introduced. The overlap on a repeater and its wired AP partner has
to be, at a minimum, 50 percent. This is required so that the two APs have full
communication with each other (see Figure 11-19).
Figure 11-19 Repeater Overlap
Channel 1
LAN Backbone
Channel 1

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