396 adjacent cell
adjacent cell. A coverage area of an AP that is physically located next to an
existing AP’s coverage area.
adjacent channel. A channel or frequency that is directly above or below a
specific channel or frequency.
AES. Advanced Encryption Standard. A next-generation encryption function
approved by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) for use
with WLAN. The encryption mechanism to be used in 802.11i and is likely to
replace DES and 3DES.
aggregate throughput. A measure of the maximum amount of data a network or
other communications system can carry in a given timeframe. Basically a total
summation of all data rates of all simultaneous transmissions possible at one
instance on the system. If a system could support five simultaneous transmissions
of 2 Mbps, for example, it would have an aggregate throughput of 10 Mbps.
amplitude. The magnitude or strength of a varying waveform.
amplitude modulation (AM). A technique whereby the voltage level or
amplitude of a carrier is varied to transmit digital or analog information.
antenna. The part of a radio communications system intended to radiate and/or
collect RF energy.
antenna gain. A relative measure of an antenna’s capability to direct or
concentrate RF energy in a particular direction or pattern. Typically measured in
dBi or dBd. See also dBi and dBd.
AP. access point. The central point of communications for all stations in a
WLAN. An AP provides connection between wireless devices as well as between
the wired network and the wireless network.
attenuation. A reduction in strength or deterioration of a radio signal as it passes
through a transmission medium. Attenuation generally increases with frequency,
cable length, and the number of connections in a circuit. Attenuation is measured
in decibels (dB).
attenuator. A device that reduces the level of a transmitted signal, in terms of
current, voltage, or power.

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