9 Habits of Project Leaders

Book description

9 Habits of Project Leaders is about transforming a good project manager into a great project leader by adding nine simple yet powerful habits to the project execution toolbox. The authors collected real data, through interviews and surveys, from more than 50 top-level project professionals from diverse industries over a period of 30 years, yielding the top common-sense habits of effective leadership, specifically tailored to the field of project management for the first time. By purposefully deploying and embracing each of the nine habits—supported by established business management principles—any project manager can learn to influence and win over the project team, executive management, and the customer! This book provides a path for project managers—who are essentially in the “relationship business”—to engage, energize, and inspire their teams, and ultimately achieve their professional and project goals.

Product information

  • Title: 9 Habits of Project Leaders
  • Author(s): Arun Singhal, Puja Bhatt
  • Release date: March 2017
  • Publisher(s): Project Management Institute
  • ISBN: None