Scrum Glossary

burn-down chart
A chart showing the decrease of remaining work against time.
burn-up chart
A chart showing the increase of a parameter—e.g., value—against time.
Daily Scrum
A daily event, time-boxed to 15 minutes or less, to re-plan the development work during a Sprint. The event allows the Development Team to share daily progress, plan the work for the next 24 hours, and update Sprint Backlog accordingly.
definition of “Done”
The set of expectations on quality that a product Increment must exhibit to make it releasable—that is, fit for a release to the product’s users.
Development standards
The set of standards and practices that a Development Team identifies as needed to create releasable Increments of product no later than by the end of a Sprint.
Development Team (also: Team)
The group of people accountable for all evolutionary development work needed to create a releasable Increment no later than by the end of a Sprint.
The process of unforeseen facts or knowledge of a fact coming into existence or prominence of a previously unknown fact; or knowledge of a fact becoming visible unexpectedly.
The process control type in which decisions are based on observed results, experience, and experimentation. Empiricism implements regular inspections and adaptations requiring and creating transparency. Also referred to as empirical process control.
The anticipation of a future trend based on observations of the past, like the selection of ...

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