Introducing Dynamics

A New Approach to “New Media”

John Hartley, Jean Burgess, and Axel Bruns

What's New…?

The term “new media” has been in play for decades now, and one might be forgiven for wondering how much longer digital forms and platforms can really be called “new,” or even what the scholarship of new media contributes to knowledge. Is it possible to say new things about new media? We think so. This Companion not only demonstrates the variety, salience, and importance of new media studies but also proposes a distinctive approach to the topic: an approach we call “new media dynamics.” In this view, what's interesting about “new media” is not novelty as such but dynamism. Capitalism, technology, social networks, and media all evolve and change, sometimes to our delight, sometimes our dismay. This incessant process of disruption, renewal, and eventual (if often partial) replacement is now one of humanity's central experiences.

This cutting-edge collection brings together a stellar array of the world's top researchers, cultural entrepreneurs, and emerging scholars to give the dynamics of new media their first full-length, multidisciplinary, historical, and critical treatment. Across 34 chapters, an international line-up of the very best authors reflects on the historical, technical, cultural, and political changes that underlie the emergence of new media, as existing patterns and assumptions are challenged by the forces of “creative destruction” and innovation, both economic ...

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