A Complete Course on Windows Server 2016 Administration

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Windows is one of the basic operating systems that you should know if you’re pursuing a career in IT. Whether you’re just starting your career or looking to advance in your existing IT field, it is always beneficial to start with Windows. This course will help you get started with Windows Server 2016 administration, systematically taking you through the essential concepts and techniques.

You’ll begin by understanding Windows 2016 installation, configuration, administration, troubleshooting, command line, OS tools and more. The course will also guide you through creating users, groups, and organizational units (OUs) with Active Directory Users and Computers (ADUC). As the course nears completion, you will focus on storage management. All along, you’ll not only learn the concepts but also test your knowledge through quizzes, homework and hand-out material just like a live classroom training.

The instructor of this course has been teaching this exact course in a classroom environment in New York City. 80% of his students who took this course got a job in Windows within months. To help you progress in your career and get your dream IT job, this course even features an exclusive resume and interview workshop.

By the end of this course, you will be well-versed in Windows Server 2016 administration and have developed the skills you need to pursue a career in IT.

What You Will Learn

  • Install, configure and manage Windows server
  • Create users, groups, and OUs with Active Directory Users and Computers
  • Learn about Group Policy Management
  • Understand virtual technology installation and configuration
  • Gain useful insights into Disk Management
  • Get to grips with FTP server installation, configuration, and management


This course is for anyone who is looking to get started with Windows Server 2016 or anyone who wants to improve their Windows skills.

About The Author

Imran Afzal: Imran Afzal is a systems engineer/manager, entrepreneur, instructor, and a public speaker. He started his career with Time Warner in 2000 as a systems administrator. He was involved in deploying technologies such as DTV, VOD, CableCards, and others. These technologies were built on many Linux distributions. Since then, he has utilized Linux/Unix skills in many Fortune 500 companies.

He has worn many different hats and currently manages a large team of systems engineers, administrators and team leads globally. He has spearheaded projects such as datacenter migration, introduction, and deployment of VMware, monitoring tools implementation, Amazon cloud migration, and many more. He is certified in Linux Systems Management, UNIX Operating Systems, Linux System Administration, System Internals, VMWare Certified Professional, RHCSA, and Windows Server Certified.

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Table of contents

  1. Chapter 1 :Syllabus Overview
    1. Syllabus Overview
  2. Chapter 2 :Module 1 - Understanding of Microsoft Windows
    1. Welcome to Module 1
    2. What is Windows?
    3. Different Versions of Windows
    4. Microsoft Background and Products
    5. Windows Market Share - Everyday Windows
    6. Windows vs. Linux vs. MAC
  3. Chapter 3 :Module 2 - Setting up a Lab
    1. Welcome to Module 2 - Lab Setup
    2. What is a Oracle Virtual Box
    3. Installing Oracle Virtual Box
    4. Creating First Virtual Machine
  4. Chapter 4 :Module 3 - Windows Installation and Configuration
    1. Welcome to Module 3
    2. Different Ways to Install OS
    3. Downloading Windows Server 2016
    4. Installing Windows Server 2016
    5. Adding Resources
    6. Hostname and System Information
    7. Windows Server GUI Overview
  5. Chapter 5 :Module 4 - System Access and File System
    1. Welcome to Module 4
    2. Accessing Windows System
    3. File System and Description
    4. Navigating to File System
    5. File Types and Creation
    6. File Properties
    7. Finding Files and Directories
    8. File Maintenance (copy, delete, move and rename)
    9. Files Operations
    10. File Editing Short-Cut Keys
  6. Chapter 6 :Module 5 - System Administration
    1. Welcome to Module 5
    2. User Account Management
    3. Elevating User Roles
    4. Monitor Users Activity (Task manager and command line)
    5. System Utilities Under Accessories
    6. Programs and Service Management (Control panel and services)
    7. System Resource Monitoring (Task Manager)
    8. Windows Event Logs
    9. System Maintenance
    10. Jobs and Schedules
    11. Windows Settings
    12. Server Manager Dashboard
    13. Installing and Uninstalling Programs
    14. Windows Applications (Microsoft or 3rd Party)
    15. Windows Short-Cut Keys (Alt + Ctrl + Del etc.)
    16. Check System Hardware (Device Manager)
  7. Chapter 7 :Module 6 - Advance Windows Administration
    1. Welcome to Module 6
    2. Roles vs. Features
    3. Adding Roles and Features
    4. What is Domain Controller?
    5. Domain Controller and Active Directory
    6. Active Directory Prerequisites
    7. What is DNS?
    8. Active Directory Installation
    9. Active Directory "Users and Computers"
    10. Active Directory User Account Management
    11. Installing Windows Client
    12. Joining the Domain from Windows 7
    13. Remove from AD DNS
    14. Joining the Domain from Windows 10
    15. Active Directory "Administrative Center"
    16. Active Directory "Domain and Trust"
    17. Active Directory "Module for Windows PowerShell"
    18. Active Directory "Site and Services"
    19. Active Directory Group Policy Management
    20. DNS Administration
    21. WebServer (IIS) Installation
  8. Chapter 8 :Module 7 - Windows Scripting and Command Line
    1. Welcome to Module 7
    2. Windows Batch Scripting
    3. First Batch Script "Hello World"
    4. Script to Automate Simple Tasks
    5. Windows PowerShell
    6. Windows PowerShell Commands
    7. Windows PowerShell ISE
    8. Windows Management Instrument (WMIC)
    9. Difference Between DOS and PowerShell
  9. Chapter 9 :Module 8 - Networking and System Updates
    1. Welcome to Module 8
    2. What is NIC?
    3. Enable Internet on the VM
    4. NIC Teaming
    5. Network Configuration
    6. Windows Updates
    7. NTP Configuration
    8. File Transfer Methods
    9. FTP Server Installation and Configuration
    10. Sharing FileSystem (Samba or NFS)
    11. WSUS Server Installation and Configuration
    12. Windows Firewall
  10. Chapter 10 :Module 9 - Storage Management
    1. Welcome to Module 9
    2. What is Computer Storage?
    3. Type of Computer Storage
    4. How to Add Disk
    5. Extend an Existing Disk
    6. Disk Cleanup and Defragmentation
    7. RAID
    8. Windows Backup and Restore
  11. Chapter 11 :Module 10 - Additional Resources
    1. Welcome to Module 10
    2. What is IT?
    3. IT Components
    4. Facts about IT
    5. Facts about IT
    6. Resume Workshop
    7. Interview Workshop
    8. Post Resume and What to Expect
    9. VMWare Workstation Player (Optional)
    10. Install Oracle Virtualbox on MAC

Product information

  • Title: A Complete Course on Windows Server 2016 Administration
  • Author(s): Imran Afzal
  • Release date: July 2019
  • Publisher(s): Packt Publishing
  • ISBN: 9781838984793