Chapter 11. Composite applications 327
4. A statement is added to this page to store the department number in the
HTTP session.
5. When execution page 2 runs, it extracts the department number from the
HTTP connection session; the number is passed as input to the second
Integration Object.
6. The second Integration Object returns all members in the department.
7. Results are displayed.
Note: This method requires no interaction with the end user and does not
demand that the two pages be adjacent to each other in the logical page
hierarchy in your Web site.
11.4.1 Recommended procedure
To create this type of composite application using the Host Publisher Studio
wizards, follow these steps:
1. Create a new application.
2. Import the Integration Objects into the project.
3. For the first Integration Object, specify that it should be executed on page
execute1. If it has inputs to satisfy, create an input form on page input1. Do
not render any of this Integration Object's output.
4. For the second Integration Object, specify that it should be executed on page
execute2. Satisfy its inputs from the outputs of the first Integration Object. You
can render the output of the Integration Object on this same page (execute2).
When you complete the wizards, a statement will be added to the execute1 page
to insert the Integration Object's output into the HTTP session. In execute2, the
value is extracted from the HTTP session and set as input to the second
Integration Object. You must ensure that execute2 occurs after execute1 in your
page hierarchy.
11.5 Developing composite applications
So far, all examples of applications created with IBM WebSphere Host Publisher
were of a very simple type. An HTML page is sent to the user asking him/her to
enter a search value, a connection to a host application is established, a host
transaction is started, and the result of the host transaction is displayed to the
user in an HTML page. Although some applications may be that simple, most will
be more complex and require interaction with the user before the final result can
be obtained.

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