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A Crash Course in Email Marketing for Small and Medium-sized Businesses

Book Description

Despite being one of the most mature online marketing technologies available to today's small and medium-sized business marketer, email marketing continues to pack a punch way beyond its weight or cost. The fact is that email marketing, if you treat it right, works better than any other marketing technique available - both on or offline. This book is for any entrepreneur, business owner or marketer who values the idea of building and maintaining relationships with existing customers and prospects, and forging new connections by creating and delivering timely and targeted content. It tells you how to put in place the important principles and techniques that will improve your email marketing, making it more engaging for your audience and more profitable for you. No matter what kind of business you are in, email marketing, combined with the simple best practices featured here, will help you increase customer retention and drive profitability. If you want to start making relationships pay, now is the time to invest in email marketing. This guide from John Hayes will get you started in the right way, or show you how to improve the email marketing you are already doing.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Publishing details
  3. About the Author
  4. Preface
  5. 1. Email Marketing is Alive and Kicking
    1. The Right Time for Email is Now!
  6. 2. Selecting Your Email Marketing Service Provider
  7. 3. Growing Your List the Right Way and the Wrong Way
    1. No Shortcuts to Success, No Such Thing as Cheap or Expensive Marketing
    2. Learn From My Mistakes
    3. Renting a List
    4. Building Quality – 11 Ways to Grow and Maintain Your Own List
    5. Opt-in Methods for Your Lists
    6. Converting Visitors into Subscribers
  8. 4. Spam
    1. Email Marketing Service Providers and Spam
    2. Spam Doesn’t Work (For Legitimate Businesses)
    3. Getting Through Spam Filters
    4. Why Do Legitimate Subscribers Mark My Emails As Spam?
  9. 5. Keeping It Relevant
    1. Build Better Content
    2. Kill Your Monthly Newsletter
    3. Segment Your Lists
    4. Relevant Email Marketing for All Kinds of Products
  10. 6. Driving Engagement Beyond The Click
    1. The Keep It Simple Stupid (KISS) Design Principal
    2. What Should Go in Your Email
    3. Stripped Out Landing Pages
    4. Optimise Your Landing Page for Mobile
  11. 7. Frequency and Timing
    1. How Much is Too Much?
    2. The Best Time to Send
    3. The Smartphone Changes Everything
  12. 8. Subject Lines, Headline News
    1. Bad Subject Lines
    2. Subject Line Best Practice
    3. Testing
  13. 9. Take Time for Text
    1. HTML vs Text
    2. Text Alternatives
    3. Text Only
  14. 10. Automate, Schedule and Mobilise
    1. The Analytic Trap
    2. Mobile Apps
    3. Autoresponders
  15. 11. Testing and Optimising for Success
    1. Keep Your List Fresh and Clean
    2. Bouncing May Be Bad for Your Email Marketing Health
    3. Split Testing
    4. The Follow-up Email
  16. 12. Understanding Your Return on Investment
    1. Calculating ROI
    2. Get proof your marketing is working
  17. 13. Email Marketing for eBay and Amazon Sellers
  18. 14. Stop Talking About Email Marketing
    1. A Book Built on Conversations about Email Marketing
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