A gypsy girl who behaved very wantonly was thrown into a thorn bush by the Devil. The parents took her out, and put her to bed; but she was pulled out of the cart, and thrown into the bush again. This went on till she mended her ways.


A woman at Stockton met a fine gentleman on the bridge, who gave her as much gold as she could carry in her apron. She was to come back next day for more, but she told her neighbour, and he never appeared again.

From Cashi Lovell, 11 January 1915.

MOTIFS: I: G.303.3.1.5 [Devil as a little old man]; G.303.16.9 [Devil is made impotent by confession]. II: Q.243 [Incontinence punished] III: G.303.21 [The Devil’s money]; F.348.7 [Tabu: telling of fairy gifts: the gifts cease].


Douglas, Scottish ...

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