Chapter 7

Teaming with Forensic Accounting Investigators

Erik Skramstad

Forensic accounting investigators can make significant contributions to a financial crime investigation provided that they can work effectively with the company's internal and external auditors as well as with other constituents involved in resolving allegations or suspicions of fraud. In addition to a thorough knowledge of accounting and auditing, the forensic accounting investigator brings to bear a variety of skills, including interviewing, data mining, and analysis. Some auditors assume that auditing more transactions, with the use of standard procedures, increases the likelihood that fraud will be found. While this can prove to be true in some cases, when there is suspicion of fraud the introduction of competent forensic accounting investigators may be more likely to resolve the issue. This chapter explores how forensic accounting investigators can work effectively with internal and external auditors and considers the interests of other parties to an investigation.

Forensic accounting investigators work in a highly charged atmosphere and often present their findings in forums ranging from the boardroom and the courtroom to hearings before government agencies such as the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Within the boundaries of an investigation, they typically deal with numerous constituencies, each with a different interest and each viewing the situation from a different perspective. These ...

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