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A HouseBeautiful Home Business

Book Description

'A HouseBeautiful Home Business' is for anyone who has a passion, skill or hobby involving interiors and an interest in turning this into a business. You may always have a home project on the go and dream of turning your talent for styling a room, sourcing unusual products or upcycling fabrics and furniture into a successful business. With clear steps, useful links and expert advice, this book is your essential guide to making that happen.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Publishing details
  3. About the Author
  4. Foreword by Julia Goodwin
  5. Introduction by Emma Jones
  6. Who is This Book For?
  7. Contributors
    1. CHAPTER ONE. Making the Move From Hobby to Business Coming up with an idea
    2. Beautiful Business: Liberty Rose Interiors
    3. Beautiful Business: Yellow Book Interiors
  8. CHAPTER TWO. Planning Your Business
    1. Business plan
  9. CHAPTER THREE. The Must-Do’s
    1. Registering the company
    2. Household admin
  10. CHAPTER FOUR. Building and Protecting Your Brand
    1. Your business’s first impression
    2. Beautiful Business: POSH
    3. Protect the brand
  11. CHAPTER FIVE. Tech Set-up and the Perfect Work Environment
    1. Your tech set-up
    2. Your perfect work environment
  12. CHAPTER SIX. Starting on a Budget
    1. Boot-strapping to begin with
    2. Beautiful Business: Luxury Interiors & Kool Kids Rooms
    3. Working 5 to 9
    4. Beautiful Business: The Vintage Twist Company
  13. CHAPTER SEVEN. Money Management
    1. Straightforward finance
    2. Pricing products
    3. Beautiful Business: Coo & Co
    4. Sourcing supplies and equipment
    5. Beautiful Business: Billy Lloyd Ceramics
    6. Funding
  14. CHAPTER EIGHT. Sell, Sell, Sell!
    1. Offline sales
    2. Beautiful Business: Home Restyler
    3. Selling into physical stores
    4. Selling on platform sites
    5. Postage and packaging
    6. Your products in focus
  15. CHAPTER NINE. Your Online Home
    1. Building your dotcom HQ
    2. Your web content
    3. Making money from your site
    4. Beautiful Business: Carola van Dyke
  16. CHAPTER TEN. Marketing I. PR and Trade Shows
    1. Getting known
    2. Attend trade shows
    3. Beautiful Business: Kate Schuricht Ceramics
    4. Become an expert
  17. CHAPTER ELEVEN. Marketing II. Online Promotion
    1. SEO and online adverts
    2. Beautiful Business: Rachael Taylor
    3. The power of social media
    4. Measure the results
    5. Beautiful Business: Gillies Jones Glass
  18. CHAPTER TWELVE. Happy Customers and a Balanced Business
    1. Attract customers back
    2. Keep the business in balance
  19. CHAPTER THIRTEEN. Grow the Business Without Outgrowing the Home
    1. Productising
    2. Going global
    3. Outsourcing
    4. Beautiful Business: Patchwork Harmony & 91 Magazine
    5. Help and support
  21. Get the Best Support for Your Business