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A Matter of Choice

Book Description

Choice is about deciding between a number of possibilities; picking from a variety of options; selecting a preference. We encounter situations where we have to make choices – some minor, some potentially life altering – nearly every day of our lives.This book is a companion to help anyone make the right choices, at the right time, whether they are ordinary choices or those which will determine your future. Through examples and conversations, the authors reveal the dynamics of making choices and the factors that can lead to making the right decisions for your particular circumstances. Applying this framework for making choices will help improve your relationships, home life, work life, the way you handle money, and your general ability to discern what is good and bad for you. In nearly all instances, you have freedom to choose. Making the right choices will lead to a more fulfilling and prosperous future.

Table of Contents

  1. Cover
  2. Title
  3. Copyright
  4. Contents
  5. A Matter of Thanks
  6. Chapter 1 Introduction
    1. This is not a book about the choices we make; it is a book about how we make choices.
    2. Choices and Change
    3. Self-Awareness and Self-Commitment
    4. A Book about Choice-Making
    5. Tools and Resources
  7. Chapter 2 A Matter of Discipline
    1. Judy’s story
    2. Maya’s story
    3. Understanding Your Emotions
  8. Chapter 3 A Matter of Tomorrow
    1. Angela’s story
    2. Listen to Your ‘Inner Voice’
    3. Daisy’s story
    4. Big Picture, Little Picture
  9. Chapter 4 A Matter of Letting Go
    1. Mike’s story
    2. James’s story
    3. Recognizing Boundaries
  10. Chapter 5 A Matter of Acceptance
    1. Roseanna’s story
    2. Mary’s story
  11. Chapter 6 A Matter of the Unexpected
    1. Melanie’s story
    2. Barbara’s story
    3. Fractured Reality
    4. Taking Time
  12. Chapter 7 A Matter of Perspective
    1. Georgina’s story
    2. Push and Pull Choices
    3. Sarah’s story
    4. Unknown Outcomes
  13. Chapter 8 A Matter of Purpose
    1. Mark’s story
    2. Emma’s story
    3. Jessica’s story
    4. Standing Alone
  14. Chapter 9 A Matter of Simplicity
    1. Lily’s story
    2. Push and Pull Factors
    3. Ruby’s story
  15. Chapter 10 A Matter of Recovery
    1. Jane’s story
    2. The Point of Choice
  16. Chapter 11 A Matter of New Beginnings
    1. Margaret’s story
  17. Chapter 12 A Matter of Application – The Technical Stuff!
    1. Learning from Experience
    2. The Extreme Dream Continuum: ‘Big Picture’ versus ‘Little Picture’
    3. The Extreme Behavioural Continuum: Abstinence versus Indulgence, Proactive versus Reactive
    4. The Extreme Decision Making Continuum: Push versus Pull
    5. The Spiral
    6. The Spiral of Choice
    7. Provocative Questions, Timely Choices
    8. Three Circles of Questions
    9. Three Circles of Questions
  18. Chapter 13 A Matter for Reflection
  19. Appendix
    1. Tips: A Quick Guide
  20. About the Authors