This book reflects the creative thoughts of many minds and
the encouragement of many hearts. This page mentions
only a few of those to whom we owe so much.
First and foremost is Steven Piersanti, a kindred spirit who
is a joy to work with. He saw the potential in our simple
story and was willing to take a chance on this oddball book.
Working with Steve has been a true partnership; his
thoughtful suggestions (and tough questions!) helped us
expand our thinking and develop our work over three
editions. We are grateful to Steve for his continued support
; we are pleased that his initial gamble on our
book is paying off.
Thanks also to the entire team at Berrett-Koehler —
everyone has invested much time and energy in making
our book successful, both in the United States and interna-
tionally. We are grateful to Pat Anderson, Kristen Frantz,
Mike Crowley, Jeevan Sivasubramaniam, Robin Donovan,
María Jesús Aguiló, Rick Wilson, Heather Vaughn, Ginger
Winters, Bob Liss, and everyone else at BK. What a terrific
team of wonderful people!
We also wish to thank the real-life “exotic birds,” as well
as the “penguins,” whose experiences inspired our corpo-
rate fable. They will undoubtedly recognize themselves and
the roles they played in the Land of Penguins. Extra thank-
yous go to Phyllis Pfeiffer, Jim Shaffer, Larry Strutton, and
Jeff Hall — who were especially helpful in the initial
shaping of our story.
Special thanks, tinged with sadness, to Sam Weiss, who
turned out to be much more than an illustrator — he
became a cherished friend and creative collaborator on this
project and several others. Sam passed away six months
before this third edition was published, but we are happy
that his drawings continue to bring our birds to life.
We miss you, Sam.
And finally, a very personal thank-you to our
families, who provided continuous support, encour-
agement, and helpful critiques as our fable took
shape. Their love and attention nurtures our creative spirits.

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