8 Tourism at Coranderrk After Its Closure In 1924

8.1  The Closure of Coranderrk, February 1924

Charles Robarts, the Coranderrk manager, was advised by the Board in mid-December 1923, that the station would cease operation at the end of January 1924. However, tourism was now Coranderrk’s raison d’etre (Lydon, 2005: 212), and Robarts responded that this was impractical ‘owing to the Xmas and New Year Holidays which extend to the end of January in this Tourist district, hundreds of visitors visit this Station during this period and are entertained by the natives’ (Robarts 12/12/1923 in Lydon, 2005: 212). Nevertheless, Robarts’s objections came to nothing and in February 1924, Coranderrk was formally closed and reserve lands were opened up for closer ...

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