Bringing the Big Guns

I have been given assignments that require using big, powerful strobes, like the lights you see in Figure 3.6, so I can create detailed and stylized environmental portraits (Figure 3.7). I keep a Kata Pro-Light FlyBy-74 Rolling Case packed with my Elinchrom Ranger Quadra Pro Set ready to go for in-the-field shoots that don’t necessarily have power outlets readily available. The Quadra’s portable power pack weighs only about 3 pounds and can fire two strobes, as you can see in Figure 3.8. A simple two-light setup can yield great results (Figure 3.9). Another perk with this kit is I have the option of using different Elinchrom modifiers on the Quadra heads from a standard square softbox to a 53-inch octa light bank.

Figure ...

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