250 A Portal Composite Pattern Using WebSphere Portal V5
򐂰 Search and categorize - Categorizing repositories of content and searching
them for relevant information
򐂰 Publish and subscribe - The ability to author new content and publish it to
򐂰 Administration and security - Basic Web site services such as page
designers, performance monitors, cluster services, and metadata
򐂰 Integration - Metadata sharing, XML, connectors, standards, EAI.
WebSphere Portal provides additional services such as single sign-on, security,
Web content publishing, search, personalization, Collaboration Services,
enterprise application integration, support for mobile devices, and site analysis.
WebSphere Portal provides an extensible framework for interacting with
enterprise applications, content, people, and processes. Self-service features
allow end users to personalize and organize their own view of the portal, to
manage their own profiles, and to publish and share documents with their
The WebSphere Portal family
IBM WebSphere Portal product family offers a comprehensive set of products to
provide portal solutions to large enterprises as well as small- and medium-sized
business. IBM WebSphere Portal allows people to interact with the on demand
world in a personalized way.
IBM WebSphere Portal consists of four offerings, each designed to provide the
infrastructure you need to build and deploy highly scalable portals. All four
offerings share a common framework (the Portal Server) plus additional products
and services. The four product offerings can be grouped into two categories as
shown in Figure A-3 on page 251.
Appendix A. Introduction to WebSphere Portal V5 251
Figure A-3 WebSphere Portal product family
Table A-1 shows the WebSphere components included in each of the
WebSphere Portal products.
Table A-1 WebSphere Portal components
Component Enable Extend Express EXpress
WebSphere Portal XXXX
WebSphere Application Server
Enterprise V5.0.1
Directory Server V5.1 XXXX
Lotus Collaborative ComponentsXXXX
Portal Toolkit V5.0 X X X
WebSphere Portal Content
WebSphere Studio Site Developer
WebSphere Translation Server
WebSphere Portal Product Family
WebSphere Portal Express
WebSphere Portal Express
WebSphere Portal
WebSphere Portal
WebSphere Portal
for Multiplatforms
WebSphere Portal
for Multiplatforms
252 A Portal Composite Pattern Using WebSphere Portal V5
To learn more about WebSphere Portal product family, go to:
WebSphere Portal Enable for Multiplatforms
WebSphere Portal Enable for Multiplatforms is the basic portal solution for larger
enterprises. The IBM WebSphere Portal Enable offering lets you quickly build
highly scalable portals that simplify and enhance your access to personalized
information and applications.
WebSphere Portal
WebSphere Portal is a J2EE application that runs on WebSphere Application
Server. Its main function is to serve the WebSphere Portal framework to the
desktops and mobile devices of portal users. WebSphere Portal creates an
environment that provides the connectivity, administration, and presentation
services required.
IBM WebSphere Portal provides a framework that breaks the different portal
components into portlets to accommodate the aggregation and display of diverse
content. Each portlet is responsible for accessing content from its source (for
example, a Web site, database, or e-mail server) and transforming the content so
that it can be rendered to the client.
DB2 UDB Enterprise Server Edition
Lotus Collaborative Center V5.0 X X
Lotus Domino Enterprise Server
Lotus Instance Messaging
(Sametime) V3.0
Lotus Team Workplace
(QuickPlace) V3.0.1
Lotus Extended Search 4.0 X
Tivoli Web Site Analyzer V4.5 X
Component Enable Extend Express EXpress

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