APPENDIX SysML Reference Guide



  This appendix provides a reference guide to the graphical notation for SysML as a set of notation tables. It is organized by diagram kind in the following order consistent with their introduction in Part II:

  •  Package Diagram
  •  Block Definition Diagram
  •  Internal Block Diagram
  •  Parametric Diagram
  •  Activity Diagram
  •  Sequence Diagram
  •  State Machine Diagram
  •  Use Case Diagram
  •  Requirement Diagram

 There are also notation tables for the use of allocations and stereotypes, which are used across a number of different diagrams.

 It is recommended that you read Section 4.3 in Chapter 4 for an overview of SysML diagrams and their contents before reading this appendix.


Notational Conventions

 Each diagram ...

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