It takes a team effort to write a book by yourself. I am indebted to Isaac “Boom Boom” Abiola, Ph.D.; Jennifer Ashkenazy; Cynthia “Wei” Huang Bartlett, M.D.; Sigvard Bore; Bertrum Carroll; H. T. David, Ph.D.; Karen Fender; Les Frailey; Hakan Gogtas, Ph.D.; James W. Hardin, Ph.D.; Anand Madhaven; Girish Malik; Gaurav Mishra; Robert A. Nisbet, Ph.D.; Sivaramakrishnan Rajagopalan; Douglas A. Samuelson; Tom “T.J.” Scott; Prateek Sharma; Charlotte Sibley; W. Robert Stephenson, Ph.D.; Jennifer Thompson; Ronald L. Wasserstein, Ph.D.; Brian Wynne; and David Young. Their specific contributions are listed in the Appendix. A reviewed book provides a better reading experience.

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