Chapter 4

Monitoring and Control Forms


The purpose of the Monitoring and Controlling Process Group is to review project work results and compare them to planned results. A significant variance indicates the need for preventive actions, corrective actions, or change requests. There are 11 processes in the Monitoring and Controlling Process Group:

  • Monitor and control project work
  • Perform integrated change control
  • Validate scope
  • Control scope
  • Control schedule
  • Control costs
  • Control quality
  • Control communications
  • Control risks
  • Control procurements
  • Control stakeholder engagement

The intent of the Monitoring and Controlling Process Group is to at least:

  • Review and analyze project performance
  • Recommend changes and corrective and preventive actions
  • Process Change Requests
  • Report project performance
  • Respond to risk events
  • Manage contractors

Monitoring and controlling takes place throughout the project, from inception to closing. All variances are identified, and all Change Requests are processed here. The product deliverables are also accepted in the monitoring and controlling processes.

The forms used to document these activities include:

  • Project Performance Report
  • Variance Analysis
  • Earned Value Status
  • Risk Audit
  • Contractor Status Report
  • Product Acceptance


The Project Performance Report is filled out by the project manager and submitted on a regular basis to the sponsor, project portfolio management group, ...

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