Chapter 5



The purpose of the Closing Process Group is to complete contracts, project work, product work, and project phases in an orderly manner. There are two processes in the Closing Process Group:

  • Close project or phase
  • Close procurements

The intent of the Closing Process Group is to at least:

  • Close all contracts
  • Close project phases
  • Document lessons learned
  • Document final project results
  • Archive project records

As the final processes in the project, the closing processes ensure an organized and efficient completion of deliverables, phases, and contracts.

The forms used to document project closure include:

  • Procurement Audit
  • Contract Close-Out
  • Project Close-Out
  • Lessons Learned


The Procurement Audit is the review of contracts and contracting processes for completeness, accuracy and effectiveness. Information in the audit can be used to improve the process and results on the current procurement or on other contracts. Information recorded in the audit includes:

  • Vendor performance audit
    • Scope
    • Quality
    • Schedule
    • Cost
    • Other information, such as how easy the vendor was to work with
  • Procurement management process audit
    • Process
    • Tools and techniques used
  • Description of good practices
  • Description of areas for improvement

The Procurement Audit can receive information from:

  • Project Management Plan

Procurement Audit information can be used to collect information for Lessons Learned. The information can be combined with the ...

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