The purpose of the Closing Process Group is to complete the project work, product work, and project phases in an orderly manner. There is one process in the Closing Process Group:

  • Close Project or Phase

The intent of the Closing Process Group is to at least:

  • Close project phases
  • Close the project
  • Document lessons learned
  • Document final project results
  • Archive project records
  • Ensure the work necessary to close contracts is complete

As the final process in a phase or project, this process ensures an organized and efficient completion of deliverables, phases, and the project as a whole.

The forms used to document project closure include:

  • Lessons learned
  • Project closeout


Lessons learned are compiled throughout the project or at specific intervals, such as at the end of a life cycle phase. These are recorded in the lessons learned register. The lessons learned summary compiles and organizes those things that the project team did that worked very well and should be passed along to other project teams, and identifies those things that should be improved for future project work. The summary should include information on risks, issues, procurements, quality defects, and any areas of poor or outstanding performance. Information that can be documented includes:

  • Project performance analysis
    • Requirements
    • Scope
    • Schedule
    • Cost
    • Quality
    • Physical resources
    • Team resources
    • Communication
    • Reporting
    • Risk management
    • Procurement ...

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