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A Quick Guide to iOS 11's New Features

Video Description

Get empowered by quickly familiarizing yourself with the new features of iOS 11, to solve real-world problems and gain valuable insights

About This Video

  • Utilize advances and emerging APIs such as SiriKit, in iOS 11
  • Take advantage of user interface changes, and implement SiriKit's new Notes Domain
  • Add new iOS 11 features to your iOS applications efficiently

In Detail

Many new features were introduced in iOS 11. This course will guide you through implementing new features in SiriKit, the new Drag and Drop feature on the iPhone and iPad, Natural Language Processing, and UI considerations for the iPhone X.

This course covers implementing SiriKit's new Notes Domain, and how to create Notes using your voice and the power of Siri. You will also see how to implement Drag and Drop in your application in the UITableView for use on both the iPad and iPhone. These new features are demonstrated using simple and easy-to-understand exercises and real-world examples.

You will utilize Parts of Speech, Lemmatization, and Named Entity Recognition in your apps. Finally, you will also see how you can take advantage of Natural Language Processing to improve your app's user experience.