Chapter 9

Valuation Discounts and Premiums

There is a protracted and clouded legacy of information and dogma surrounding the universe of discounts and premiums in business valuation. It seems logical enough to us that as elements of business valuation, the underlying quantification and development of discounts and premiums should be financial in basis, just as other valuation methods are founded on financial principles. Much of the original doctrine surrounding the determination of discounts and premiums was based on reference to varying default information sources, whose purveyors continue the ongoing compilation of transaction evidence (public company merger and acquisition activity, restricted stock transactions, pre-IPO studies, etc.). After begrudging bouts of evolution, there has been a maturation toward more disciplined and methodical support for valuation discounts and premiums. Perhaps as the state of the profession concerning discounts and premiums has progressed, so too has the divide in skill and knowledge among valuation practitioners become wider. Certainly this seems to be the case regarding many users and reviewers of appraisal work (ostensibly the legal community and the IRS).

There remains ample debate (and outright discord) concerning numerous issues in the discount and premium domain, several of which are highlighted in Chapter 19. Unfortunately, in the quest for better clarification on the determination of discounts and premiums there has developed an arms’ ...

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