50 Records Management and Process Choreography
download and install more recent fix packs and fixes for WebSphere Portal and
DB2 Content Manager than are included in the CD distributions.
Software installation paths
Table 3-7 lists the software installation paths used to implement the Portal node
and Content Management node. We chose to use short names for the paths to
reduce the number of characters included in the Windows environment PATH and
CLASSPATH variables. In addition, this can avoid problems with spaces in the
path on the Content Management node. Lastly, we shortened the paths for easier
access from the command line.
Table 3-7 Software installation paths
3.5 Summary
This chapter has provided a high-level view of the architecture and products
involved in the ILM solution. In the next chapter, we describe the design and
development of the portlets and other components required for the solution.
Software package System path
DB2 Content Manager Client C:\IBM\CMclient\
DB2 Content Manager eClient C:\IBM\eClient\
DB2 Content Manager Library Server C:\IBM\CM\
DB2 Content Manager Resource
DB2 Enterprise Information Portal (EIP) C:\IBM\EIP
DB2 Records Manager C:\IBM\RecordsManager\
IBM HTTP Server C:\IBM\HTTPServer\
DB2 Records Manager Enabler C:\IBM\RMenabler\
Tivoli Directory Server C:\IBM\TDS\
WebSphere Application Server C:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\
WebSphere Portal C:\IBM\WebSphere\PortalServer\

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