Chapter 7. Business Integration node installation 135
7.1 WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation
V5.1 installation
This section describes how to install IBM WebSphere Business Integration
Server Foundation V5.1 on the Process Choreographer node. We install
following components with this installation:
򐂰 IBM WebSphere Application Server Version
򐂰 IBM Integration Server Version 5.1.0
򐂰 IBM WebSphere embedded messaging
7.1.1 Install WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation V5.1
To install IBM WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation V5.1,
complete the following steps:
1. Start the installation by inserting IBM WebSphere Business Integration Server
Foundation V5.1 Installation Disk 1. If auto start is enabled, the installation
wizard will start automatically. If auto start is disabled, run install.bat from
the win directory on the CD by entering the D:\win\install.bat command,
where the D: drive is your CD-ROM drive. Start the installation from a
read/write location and not from the CD-ROM.
2. When the Welcome window opens, you are provided with an option to launch
the Information Center (optional). Click Next to continue the installation.
3. When the License Agreement window opens, review the terms, and if in
agreement, select I accept the terms in the license agreement and then
click Next.
4. The next window provides the installation options: Full (all components) or
Custom. In our example, select Custom and click Next to continue.
5. Because we chose the custom installation, we have to choose the
components to install in the next window. See Figure 7-1 on page 136. Make
sure that you have selected the following components:
Embedded messaging
Embedded messaging: Server and Client
Additional Integration Server Extensions
Scheduler and Asynchronous Beans
process choreographer
Click Next.
136 Records Management and Process Choreography
Figure 7-1 WebSphere Business Integration Server Foundation component selection
6. The wizard displays a window for the WebSphere Application Server and
Embedded Messaging installation directories. We used the following paths
and then clicked Next:
WebSphere Application Server V5.1 Installation directory:
Embedded Messaging Installation directory: C:\IBM\WebSphere\MQ
7. The next window prompts for the node name and the host name of the
computer on which the server will be running. The defaults should be fine. In
our scenario, the defaults were:
Node Name: ilm-bi
Chapter 7. Business Integration node installation 137
Host Name or IP Address:
Click Next.
8. The next window prompts for the system logon user ID and password that will
be used to run WebSphere Application Server as a Windows NT service. If
you do not want WebSphere Application Server running as a service, you can
skip this window by clicking Next. Otherwise, select Run WebSphere
Application Server As Service and provide the valid user name and
password. Note that this user account is one of your Windows system user
accounts, as opposed to most of the user accounts used in this book, which
are located in the LDAP directory residing on the Tivoli Directory Server. The
preferred practice is to enter in the user account you are using to install the
product. We used following values:
User ID: WASadmin
Password: <password>
Click Next.
9. The installation starts. You will be prompted to switch the CDs.
Note: If the following message appears in the next window, you have to
cancel the installation:
INST0056E: The user name and password specified cannot be validated
due to insufficient privileges of current user...
Make sure that you have the appropriate rights, including:
򐂰 Act as part of the operating system
򐂰 Create a token object
򐂰 Increase quotas
򐂰 Log on as a service
򐂰 Replace a process-level token
Note: For our environment, we avoided the necessity of replacing CDs by
putting the CD images on a network drive. By verifying that you use the
following directory names for each CD image (and placing the images in the
same directory in the network), you will not be prompted to insert any CDs:
򐂰 Disk1
򐂰 Disk2

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