A Team of Leaders

Book description

Workplace teams are supposed to harness employees' talents to tackle challenges. But the reality often falls short... Now imagine having a team where everyone steps up and performs all of the leadership tasks. Imagine a team that is constantly sharing knowledge and pushing the envelope--one that does long term planning and produces outstanding performance. A Team of Leaders shows readers how to design systems that nurture the leadership potential of every employee--the key to creating high-performance teams. The book's proven principles and techniques include: ● The Five-Stage Team Development Model that maps the transition from traditional to self-directed teams ● Best practices in team process design ● A Team Value Creation Tool that allows members to appreciate the significance of what they contribute each day ● Visual Management ● And more Filled with real-world examples, this fresh approach transforms passive groups of disparate people into effective teams of leaders--workplace teams that work!

Table of contents

  1. Cover Page
  2. Title Page
  3. Copyright Page
  4. Contents
  5. Acknowledgments
  6. Introduction
    1. The Opportunity
    2. The Challenge
    3. Is there a Model we can Use to Build a Team of Leaders?
  7. Chapter 1: Creating Advantage through the Five-Stage Team Development Model
    1. Self-Managed Work Teams
    2. The Team Development Model
    3. Understanding where your Team Is
    4. Starting Up and Developing High-Performance Teams
    5. A Note about the Impact of Teams on Families
    6. Challenges, Tensions, and Key Factors during Implementation
    7. How Using the Five-Stage Team Development Model will Help Build Leaders
  8. Chapter 2: Secrets of Great Design
    1. Connecting Team Members Around a Sense of Purpose
    2. You Get what you Design For
    3. Design Guidelines
    4. OSD Tool Sets
    5. Challenges, Tensions, and Key Factors during Implementation
    6. How Redesigning your Systems will Help Build Leaders
  9. Chapter 3: Teams have Processes, Too
    1. Performing the Core Work
    2. Managing Performance
    3. Selecting and On-Boarding New Members
    4. Building Capability of the Team and its Members
    5. Managing the Disengagement or Deselection of Team Members
    6. Challenges, Tensions, and Key Factors during Implementation
    7. How Improving your Processes will Help Build Leaders
  10. Chapter 4: Team Value Creation Model
    1. Context for Value-Creating Teams
    2. Developing a Team Value Creation Model
    3. A Whole-Brained Approach
    4. Challenges, Tensions, and Key Factors during Implementation
    5. How Developing a Value Creation Model will Help Build Leaders
  11. Chapter 5: Developing and Managing Knowledge is Key to Team Performance
    1. Cultural Analysis: Knowledge Management
    2. Challenges, Tensions, and Key Factors during Implementation
    3. How Developing and Managing Knowledge will Help Build Leaders
  12. Chapter 6: Visual Management
    1. Your Current Environment
    2. Tell Me More about Visual Management
    3. Visual Management and the Brain
    4. So what will Visual Management Do for Us?
    5. Is Visual Management Worth It?
    6. How Visual Management Began
    7. How to Implement Visual Management
    8. How Visual Management Impacts on and Evolves with Every Stage of Team Development
    9. Challenges, Tensions, and Key Factors during Implementation
    10. How Visual Management will Help Build Leaders
  13. Conclusion
  14. Notes
  15. Index
  16. About the Authors
  17. Free Sample Chapter from into the Storm

Product information

  • Title: A Team of Leaders
  • Author(s): Paul Gustavson, Stewart Liff
  • Release date: March 2014
  • Publisher(s): AMACOM
  • ISBN: 9780814434086