Chapter 9

Planning Human Resources


Project Human Resource Management

Plan Human Resource Management

Project Human Resource Management

Project Human Resource Management includes the processes that organize, manage, and lead the project team.

Other than the Project Human Resource Management processes and the Project Stakeholder Management processes, all of the other processes in the PMBOK ® Guide are concerned with documents, artifacts, the environment, and tools and techniques. Project Human Resource Management processes are concerned with the people who actually carry out the work of project management and the work of the project itself. You can do all the technical aspects of project management correctly, but if you can’t manage and develop a team, you will have a very hard time delivering a successful project.

In Chapter 3 we talked about two important roles on the project, the project sponsor and the project manager. Two other groups of people are the project management team and the project team. The project management team supports the project manager in managing the project. This group is sometimes known as the core team, the steering committee, or other similar names. They may not be assigned to the project full-time, but they are responsible for helping to set the direction and steer the project. The project management team can have schedulers, business managers, technical subject matter experts, cost accountants, or whatever the appropriate roles are to support ...

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