Chapter 16

Executing Human Resource Management


Acquire Project Team

Develop Project Team

Manage Project Team

Acquire Project Team

Acquire Project Team is the process of confirming human resource availability and obtaining the team necessary to complete project activities. As a project transitions from planning to conducting the work and developing a product, the project management team begins to bring on project staff. On small projects the planning staff and the project team may be the same. But consider when you have hundreds of people who will be working over a period of several years. The staffing management plan may say that you need to have 25 engineers as the project begins. It can be very challenging to move from 0 to 25 engineers in a week. Often, projects get behind from the very beginning because there is a delay in the time when staff is scheduled and needed and when they are actually available.

Sometimes less qualified staff will be brought onto the project, or overtime will be approved to maintain schedule performance. Of course, this can have an impact on quality and cost performance. These are some of the challenges involved in acquiring the project team.

Figure 16-1 shows the inputs, tools and techniques and outputs for the Acquire Project Team process. Figure 16-2 shows a data flow diagram for the Acquire Project Team process.

Figure 16-1 Acquire Project Team: Inputs, Tools and Techniques, Outputs

Source: PMBOK® Guide—Fifth Edition

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