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Abnormal Returns: Winning Strategies from the Frontlines of the Investing Blogosphere

Book Description


Abnormal Returns seeks to demystify investment strategies and help investors find the path that is right for them, and, in so doing, should help investors succeed on the sometimes perilous road to investment success.”

—JAMES P. O’SHAUGHNESSY, author of What Works on Wall Street

“Think of this book as a gift that will save you thousands of hours of research and maybe even more money! A true reference manual on what is important to understand as you try to make smart decisions about your investments.”

—CARL RICHARDS, author of The Behavior Gap

“Tadas lives at the intersection between Wall Street and the Internet, on the bleeding edge of a new world of financial social leverage. If you want to know what the traders and fund managers of the postcrisis 2020 boom think, read Tadas.”

—BARRY RITHOLTZ, author of Bailout Nation and founder of The Big Picture

“Nowhere has this much finance wisdom ever been compiled in such a clear, concise way; the market has a new user’s manual!”

—JOSH BROWN, TheReformedBroker.com and author of Backstage Wall Street

“[Viskanta’s] blog has been a daily read of mine for the last four years, and in a world where trust matters, he has mine.”

—HOWARD LINDZON, cofounder and CEO of StockTwits

Abnormal Returns will resonate with both traders and investors, from beginner to market wizard . . . it’s that good of a book.”

—MICHAEL MARTIN, author of The Inner Voice of Trading

”Abnormal Returns is mandatory reading at our shop, and it is a daily fi xture of every morning right alongside my coffee and the Wall Street Journal. Tadas’s aggregation and analysis has generated many new avenues for research within our company.”

—MEBANE FABER, CIO, Cambria Investment Management, and author of The Ivy Portfolio

Never trust an investment “guru” who uses phrases like the market will . . . , you must . . . , and I guarantee . . . .

Because a true expert knows that there are no absolutes in markets.

Tadas Viskanta is a true expert. An experienced investor and creator of the popular blog Abnormal Returns, he understands the value of humility when it comes to investing in today’s turbulent global markets. But he also knows that just because you can’t control the markets doesn’t mean you can’t control your own actions—and in Abnormal Returns, he provides a solid foundation in the basic principles for taking a slow, steady, and savvy approach to your financial future.

Viskanta helps you navigate your way through the post-crisis markets by developing a solid investing strategy. His simple truths are timely but have been proven effective through recent history. Sophisticated but simple to understand, Abnormal Returns helps you:

Master the fundamentals of risk and return

Become an expert on the main asset classes—equities and fi xed income

Diversify and allocate your assets to build a solid portfolio

Understand how ETFs, alternative assets, and globalization affect how we invest

Combat your personal behavioral patterns that lead to poor investing

Separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to the financial media

While the world of investing has become more complex, there has never been a better time to be an individual investor. It is now easier—and cheaper—to invest than ever before. This back-to-basics approach provides the tools you need for ultimate success.

Abnormal Returns doesn’t give you the latest investing trends, “fail-safe” market predictions, or hot new tips for hitting the jackpot right now. What you do get is a fresh perspective on how markets work—and expert insight into how to make them work for you.