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Absolute Beginner's Guide to WordPerfect® 12

Book Description

Maybe you just bought a brand new Dell, Sony or HP computer and are curious about the WordPerfect software that came with it. Or maybe you just took a new job in an office where they use WordPerfect 12 for word processing. Whatever the case may be, if you are new to Word Perfect 12, the Absolute Beginner's Guide to WordPerfect 12 can help you figure it all out. Endorsed by Corel, the makers of WordPerfect, this is the best beginning level guide on the market. Organized in an easy-to-follow, progressive format, you will learn how to navigate the program and build complex documents. By the time you're done, you will know how to use WordPerfect 12 from beginning to end!

Table of Contents

  1. Copyright
  2. About the Author
  3. About the Contributing Author
  4. Acknowledgments
  5. We Want to Hear from You!
  6. Introduction
  7. Learning the Basics
    1. Getting Started and Finding Help
      1. What Is WordPerfect?
      2. Getting WordPerfect Up and Running
      3. Exploring the WordPerfect Screen
      4. Working with the Property Bar and Toolbars
      5. Using the Menus
      6. Getting Help
    2. Creating, Saving, and Printing Documents
      1. Creating Documents
      2. Moving Around in a Document
      3. Printing a Document
      4. Saving Documents
    3. Finding and Opening Documents
      1. Getting Familiar with the Open File Dialog Box
      2. Navigating Through Drives and Folders
      3. Searching for a File
      4. Converting Documents on Open
      5. Organizing Files in Folders
    4. Revising Documents
      1. Selecting Text
      2. Moving and Copying Text
      3. Using Undo to Fix Your Mistakes
      4. Using the Zoom Feature
      5. Switching to 5.1 Classic Mode
      6. Working with More Than One Document
      7. Previewing and Printing Documents
    5. Learning Basic Formatting
      1. Emphasizing Important Text
      2. Choosing the Right Font
      3. Changing Margins
      4. Creating an Envelope
      5. Inserting Symbols
      6. Working in Reveal Codes
    6. Using the Writing Tools
      1. Recognizing WordPerfect's Automatic Proofreading Features
      2. Spell Checking a Document
      3. Checking for Grammatical Errors
      4. Looking Up Words in the Thesaurus
      5. Using the Dictionary
      6. Switching to a Different Language
      7. Searching and Replacing Text and Codes
      8. Discovering the Power of QuickCorrect
  8. Making It Look Nice
    1. Working with Paragraphs
      1. Aligning Text
      2. Setting Tabs
      3. Indenting Text
      4. Adjusting the Spacing Between Lines and Paragraphs
      5. Keeping Text Together
    2. Working with Pages
      1. Inserting a Page Break
      2. Changing Paper Size and Orientation
      3. Subdividing Pages
      4. Adding Page Numbers
      5. Adding a Header or Footer
      6. Suppressing and Delaying Formatting
      7. Adding Borders Around Pages
      8. Using the Make It Fit Feature
    3. Using Styles for Consistency
      1. Understanding Styles
      2. Using QuickStyle to Create Your Own Styles
      3. Using WordPerfect's Existing Heading Styles
      4. Building Your Own Styles
      5. Editing Styles
      6. Using QuickFormat
  9. Organizing Information
    1. Creating and Formatting Tables
      1. Creating Tables
      2. Working with Tables
      3. Formatting Tables, Columns, and Cells
      4. Changing Lines, Fills, and Borders
      5. Using WordPerfect Tables for Calculations
      6. Converting Text to a Table, or a Table to Text
    2. Creating Lists and Outlines
      1. Working with Lists
      2. Working with Outlines
  10. Adding Visuals
    1. Working with Graphics
      1. Working with Graphic Lines
      2. Inserting Graphic Images
      3. Creating Text Boxes
      4. Setting Border, Wrap, and Fill Options
      5. Adding Watermarks
      6. Inserting Shapes
      7. Layering Graphics
    2. Sharing Data
      1. Copying Data from Other Programs
      2. Using Corel's Clipbook
      3. Using OLE to Link and Embed Data from Other Programs
      4. Opening (or Importing) Files from Other Programs
      5. Publishing Documents to PDF
      6. Publishing Documents to XML
  11. Automating Your Work
    1. Using the Merge Feature
      1. Working with Data Files
      2. Creating Form Files
      3. Merging the Data and Form Files Together
      4. Creating Fill-in-the-Blank Forms
    2. Using the Address Book
      1. The Address Book
      2. Working with Address Book Entries
      3. Customizing the Address Book Window
      4. Integrating with Outlook
      5. Using Address Books with Merge
      6. Importing and Exporting Address Books
    3. Working with Templates
      1. Using WordPerfect's Templates
      2. Customizing WordPerfect's Templates
      3. Downloading and Installing Templates
      4. Converting an Existing Document to a Template
      5. Working with WordPerfect OfficeReady Browser
    4. Creating and Playing Macros
      1. What Is a Macro?
      2. Playing Macros
      3. Running WordPerfect's Shipping Macros
      4. Creating Macros
      5. Editing Macros
      6. Recording Several Sample Macros
    5. Using WordPerfect's Legal Tools
      1. Creating a Table of Contents
      2. Creating a Table of Authorities
      3. Using Document Map to Navigate Long Documents
      4. Reviewing Documents
      5. Comparing Documents
      6. Creating Pleading Documents
  12. Appendixes
    1. Learning Quattro Pro Basics
      1. The Quattro Pro Screen
      2. Entering Data
      3. Working with Cells
      4. Saving Your Work
      5. Importing and Exporting Data
      6. Getting Expert Assistance
    2. Working with Formulas and Functions in Quattro Pro
      1. Understanding Formulas
      2. Editing Formulas
      3. Copying Formulas
      4. Using QuickSum
      5. Understanding Functions
      6. Using the Formula Composer
      7. Entering Spreadsheet Functions Manually
    3. Formatting Your Spreadsheets
      1. Inserting, Clearing, and Deleting Cells, Rows, and Columns
      2. Adjusting Column Width and Row Height
      3. Formatting Values
      4. Aligning Entries in Cells
      5. Adding Emphasis to Cells
      6. Protecting Cells
      7. Joining Cells
      8. Naming Cells
      9. Using SpeedFormat
    4. Understanding the WordPerfect Product Family
      1. WordPerfect Office 12
      2. WordPerfect Productivity Pack
      3. Places to Go for Help
  13. Index