Appendix A. Other Firewall Products

This appendix provides an overview of seven additional software firewalls that you might want to consider when shopping for your own personal firewall. While some of these firewalls may not be as well known as the three software firewalls reviewed previously in this book, most provide an equivalent level of protection and are just as effective. This appendix provides a description of each personal firewall and summarizes its features. In addition, you’ll find the Web site for each product where you can go to get additional information.

  • Aladdin Knowledge Systems eSafe Desktop 2.2

  • Norton Personal Firewall 2000

  • PGP Desktop Security 7.0

  • Symantec Desktop Firewall 2.0

  • Sygate Personal Firewall

  • ConSeal PC Firewall

  • Tiny Wall ...

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