Appendix A

Survey Results

A.1 Demographics

Number of participants: 530 librarians, 492 from the United States. Data provided is about the 492 United States respondents:

Gender: As reflected in the literature, the staffing make-up of the field of Libraries and Information Studies is over 80% female and so were the respondents to this study. Out of 492 respondents, only four did not answer the gender question.

Gender distribution

Gender Frequency Percent
Females 427 81.5
Males 87 17.7
Total 488 99.2
Missing 4 0.8
Total 492 100

Race/ethnicity distribution of participants

Race/ethnicity Frequency Percent
White/Caucasian 407 82.8
African American 11 2.2
Hispanic 21 4.3
Asian 8 1.6
Native American 4 0.8
Other, please specify ...

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